• What You do not Know about New York City

    New York has an ancient history, ancient by US standards. Each group of people has left its mark here. The Dutch filled land which we now call Alphabet City (Avenue A, B, and C). It is this low lying land that flooded in Hurricane Sandy. They also leveled the hills in Manhattan to make it easier for their horses.

    The British gave names: New York after the king’s brother, Broadway (meaning a large street), and so forth. There are many buildings left from British pre-independence times.…

  • Betcha you did not know these 5 surprises in New York?

    Join our group to New York City for an inclusive 4 night trip. Single rooms are limited at this point. You can come solo as, you are escorted all the way by Phyllis Stoller a life long New Yorker who has learned in’s and out’s of its hidden bargains. This will not be the New York of a Greyhound bus trip; but a real New York City. Broadway ticket included; book early to get best choices.

    There is excellent subway service directly from JFK to midtown Manhattan, safe, cheap, fast, air conditioned and somewhat wifi activated.…

  • New York City with The Women’s Travel Group

    The Women’s Travel Group has organized a fantastic 4 night trip to New York City, visiting highlights and the newest new. Oct 12-16 during peak Central Park leaf season and mild early Autumn.

    Why should you come on this trip?

    Should you come if you have already been to New York?

    1—Perhaps the most important factor is the trip has been designed by Manhattan women not by a bus company.

    2—It includes a boutique hotel in an area, both convenient, fun, and between the theater district and Fifth Avenue shopping.…

  • Free stuff in New York City from The Women’s Travel Group

    I was born in New York City, went to elementary/junior and high school in New York City, did grad school at New York University and a first job at The New York Times. After years abroad then Miami, we moved to New York.

    Every day there is something to discover, to try out, to eat,to learn, or just to breathe in for shere enjoyment. The Women’s Travel Group  www.thewomenstravelgroup.com  added New York to its tours calendar again October 12-16 2017. Behind its image as elite and expensive, NY can be affordable.


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