• Do Not’s on Planes in Cold Weather

    Here are some Do Not’s on Planes in Cold Weather. We suggest more comfort on planes in cold weather.

    1–Do not sit next to the airplane window, unless you are wearing heavy socks. And if a long flight, consider compression socks.
    2–Do not overdress, but layer with room in your carry on for the second layer you will take off (too easy to forget!) Note: you are more likely to lose clothing you take off if it is dark. Lighter and brighter items will show up on the seat or floor near your seat.…

  • Flight Cancellations: What to do Immediately

    Flight Cancellations: What to do Immediately

    flight cancellation
    Our group in Argentina

    Flight cancellation Triage from www.thewomenstravelgroup.com especially during the pandemic era. Let’s face it, some airlines are not going to survive this disaster.

    The FAA cancelled flights of Boeing 737 Max 8 and 9 planes.  Here is what you need to do immediately if this or another crisis has hurt your travel plans. 

    If in the US: call your airline-on the local number not the 800; it might be faster. The local number will be on the airline site and you should keep it in your contacts in your phone anyway.…

  • 6 ‘Get Out of Jail Cards’ for The Nervous Female Traveler

    Scared of traveling? Here are 6 get out of jail suggestions for you and your friends from The Women’s Travel Group, specialists for new travelers.

    Learn your phone. By learning to use your phone, you will never feel alone while overseas. Learn what is wifi? texting? whapsapp? roaming? cellular data? contacts list?

    We joke that a 5 year old can teach us computers. So can the Apple Store, questions to google.com and friends. Learn and you will feel connected to your life back home.

  • When to document with a Photo?

    Everyday we read about videos and photos travelers take to document bad situations. When should you take a photo or video and how should you do it? If you are going to document situations, keep notes which include names of flight attendants, pilot etc. Your seat number and ticket number, which is the very long letters/numbers reference.

    First get the time/date on your phone set correctly. Then include something in the photo that dates and places the incident.

    When not to take a photo: 

    A manager/check in personnel has been horrible to you, ask for their card.…

  • Why are Solo Women Afraid to Travel: Part 2

    Part 2 will address the following issues which scare us women:

    Find the trip you want, walk through the itinerary to identify the scary parts. 1- Did luggage arrive? 2-Is someone there to meet me? 3-If my plane is delayed, should I get hysterical?

    Walk thru the itinerary with us on the phone; lets find anything which you worry about and address it. Elephant ride in India? A long walk? Food?

    As the airport carrousel rolls around with everyone’s luggage, most women hold their breath.  …

  • New Airline Regulations for Women

    There are new regulations and there are new headlines. Two girls were turned away from a United flight, wearing leggings.  They were traveling on airline passes, as a relative worked for United.  Airlines have strict dress codes for passengers on free tickets and leggings are definitely not allowed. This is a fake story. Read before you panic.

    Another new regulation is that all electronics (except phones and medical devices) must be packed,if you are flying from 8 airports in the Middle East on airlines which fly direct to the US.  …

  • Is Your Airline Safe?

    Several weeks ago, I took connecting flights. On the first intra-Europe, the door to the pilot’s cockpit was open. At the second check in, I was grilled about why I was traveling,who I worked for,how long, what was the job description and more. So which airline was safer?

    Stats are that they both were!

    Here are a few items to investigate:

    Charters?  NO Most insurance companies will not cover you on either a charter or private plane.

    Code Shares: YES Code sharing airlines with US carriers are vetted by the FAA and the US carrier can be liable for its partners’ standards and safety.…

  • Your Worst Travel Companion

    How will you know if a friend will make a good travel companion? For short periods of time we are all on our good behavior.  For a week or two, who knows?

    Five red flags to look for:

    Always sees the empty glass.

    Is opinionated on things they know little about.

    Is inflexible.

    Uses the word ‘I’ all the time.

    Is a great fashionista.

    Going in a group with other women, helps dilute your friend out, but why do we even have these five

    red flags?…

  • Surviving Airline Weather Cancellations

    Some of our group in Ixtapan Spa were cancelled by Delta on Feb. 15 2015, due to high winds at JFK.  The other women had no problem getting home same day. A few simple choices can help reduce the stress of a cancellation and any added costs.

    Obviously travel insurance is the first preventative for both stress and $$. The second is to keep calm especially if you are solo.

    On your airline profile (when you enter an airline website), put that you prefer notices by text message. …

  • Snowed in

    Well not exactly, but we thought we would be while listening to the news.If you were a solo traveler yesterday, you would have been nervous and thinking about cancelling your wonderful trip,right?

    What do you do when you are abruptly cancelled from a trip departure? First have a list of all your reservations from the taxi, to pre-tour rooms, aiport lounges through the trip. Then speak with your tour operator and make sure they know you have an issue and ask for their imput.…

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