India Holy Man 2  Maybe India is not for you, but it was for these women who met a Holy Man while we drove to Agra with The Women’s Travel Group. Our next trip to India is almost full.






There are many newish articles about boomer women traveling, a trend we see but you are probably afraid of.  Look at a travel brochure and you will still see the handsome couple on the deck, hair blowing gently. Look at the reality of who is traveling and you will see us women: more windblown, more casual yet more friendly in appearance.

Boomer women are the first group of women who traveled for business, joined the Peace Corps and Military, did Europe on $5 a Day… and are generally more independent thinking. We are the first to have our own money! But the great unwashed of us are still not enjoying our travel thirst. Why?

We get calls almost daily from women who have never traveled but always wanted to. The main reasons are ‘husband did not travel’, ‘no friends wanted to go along’ and  ‘guilt of spending disposable cash on themselves’ rather than on family.

So here is the challenge: if you always wanted to see the world, or perhaps a part of it that is your heritage like Italy, try a non judgemental group like ours. When you contact us, say up front: I HAVE NEVER TRAVELED ALONE BEFORE. We will not be shocked or surprised, and can guarantee there will be someone else in the group who is also a travel ‘virgin’.

A word of encouragement fro  Diane Von Furstenberg  The more independent you want to be, he more generous you must be with yourself as a woman.