Like many of you, I will be bringing gifts for my family next week and on that super- crowded Thanksgiving flight. Yes even we professional travelers end up on the most overbooked flights! Here is my conundrum: how do I pack the gifts so they do not disappear at the TSA scanner? Ideas welcomed from all of you.

So far, I will triple wrap the small things in other containers.

I have alas larger ‘objets’ for the guys in the family. Can an iron Uncle Sam Piggy Bank be confiscated? Or a 1940’s  Cocker spaniel nutcracker go awry? Would not want to be sitting under that overhead rack…..

The tiny gold metallic Mary Jane shoes for 6 month old darling, will be stuffed with tissues to avoid being crushed. But they have a metallic component?

The charm bracelet for the dear 6 year old will remain in its adorable Parisian packaging and I will pray TSA leaves it intact (it is full of sparkles and more ‘to be vacuumed specks’).

The necklace for their mom I will wear. And hope you can all send in your suggestions for packing home cooked food, gifts and delicate stuff.

If you are traveling with us to Morocco for Christmas, bring packing tape. Boxes are easy to find everywhere, tape not so. If you buy something you want to check in, have it wrapped at the hotel and give them the tape to secure it. Solo women who love to shop, ask the others if you can share their baggage allowance.