The Women’s Travel Group, a specialty tour operator for women, offers this vocabulary checklist to all women travelers who want a smart trip!

1. How many days are ‘drive by or city tours‘? Try for the minimum but do not miss city highlights.
2. Do the tours contain the words: ‘ceremony, lesson, museum and private visit‘? It is a good sign if they do.
3. The word ‘options‘: many options means you have under budgeted your vacation.
4. Check ‘inclusions’ in the Terms and Conditions and hotel websites. 5 Star accommodation might mean a pricey hotel meal or service like WiFi.
5. Look for the word ‘local’ under restaurant to assure you are not dining a la tourist.
6. Ask about ‘walks or animal rides‘, you cannot or will not do. Will there be consideration for you?
7. Does your tour have ‘Speakers’? ‘Specialist museum guides’? A ‘Reading Lis’t?
8. Is the word ‘shopping’ mentioned in more than one place?
9. Shopping if mentioned, is it a ‘government cooperative’ or private time wasting store?
10. ‘Free time’? Too much free time means low value for money.

The Women’s Travel Group is a strategic partner of USTOA Active Member Sita World Tours. The theme of its package tours is in depth, unusual places and second time visits. The only other women’s tours similar to these are prohibitively expensive and are from women’s colleges. Hotels are 4 1/2 to 5 star, include many meals, and the sightseeing is included. Few options. Shares arranged.

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