Let’s face it, many readers of our blog and Facebook page do not actually travel solo, but are dreaming of doing it. Here is what we think is the best first trip and some guidelines to adapt to your mind set.

A single stay trip might be less work than a multi city tour. Our March 21-29 Tuscany luxury farmhouse trip is an example of an easy adjustment: staying in a beautiful farmhouse,with wifi, free laundry, snacks and drinks in the kitchen etc. We are near Pisa and other highlights so even sightseeing is painless. Another example is our Istanbul trip November 2015.

Second consider a trip where the population speaks English? Ireland might be an example or South Africa.

Your own room if you are used to it, and a share if you want someone to be with you in hotels at night. Some of our trips have free singles like Tuscany above, and others have guaranteed shares like South Africa.

Easy weather conditions and less onerous packing. Choose an itinerary that only has one kind of weather, the same altitude throughout and casual clothing. Most of our trips are very casual, some have altitude like Chile and Atacama Desert which will go from sea level in Easter Island to the Andes.

Fifth and final guideline is feel right about the trip, walk yourself through it, read up with both literature and guidebooks ( we like the Lonely Planet’s paragraphs on Women’s issues.

We hope you join a trip this year with The Women’s Travel Group! Solos welcome to our travel club with no dues.