What does it mean when a travel icon like Arthur Frommer compliments your company?

It means literally The World, especially if unsolicited and permanently on the web. Those of us who have been in the travel business for eons, need a way to differentiate ourselves from the upstart internet tour  companies. The ways to show we are for real are to include a compliment from an authority like Mr. Frommer. It is also significant  to be accepted into a selective industry membership like IATAN and to have the right to sell travel insurance.

In most states, a travel insurance license is denied anyone with a criminal, bankruptcy, even child support negligence and more. There is a background check, and lots of paperwork to complete. So next time you book a tour and the company tells you to buy insurance elsewhere, think about why.

And finally, if a company has an industry logo on its site, do not assume they are actually members. Call the organization yourself and make sure. A logo can be a simple cut and paste.

If you missed the quote, here it is. To speak with us.