We at The Women’s Travel Group are all familiar with pre-flight anxiety. Not everyone experiences it the same way. For men, the most pressing issue is whether the flight will depart on schedule. For women, the worry is getting to the airport on time—according to a new study. Women are also more nervous about airport security and seat selection.

I get the security thing with our bling and fashionable shoes setting off the sensors. And seat selection: what woman does not worry about having to go to the bathroom multiple times, while asking a sleeping stranger to shift aside?

One of the obstacles for women to travel at all is: not understanding that everyone has her own set of nerves/concerns/worries/fears. We are human and the most stalwart of women travelers is probably hiding hers. (Rather than not actually having them……)

So armchair people especially you solo travelers, look for the signs: nail biting, hair twiddling, repeated document checking, leg bouncing, eye blinking.

These body signals mean we are human just like you. Don’t stay home; join the rest of us nervous nellies for a guided group trip this year. Women in groups look out for each other even if we just met. There is still a bit of room on South Africa—and have to say it aloud: this is 1,000’s of miles away from any health issues in Africa or elsewhere. This is the year to go.

Some encouragement from the award winning The Women’s Travel Group