Today Joe Sharkey, my favorite airline journalist, announces the huge number of cancellations and delays caused earlier this month by weather. Here are some reasons you need insurance:

1-Plane severely delayed and you need a new transfer to Ixtapan Spa: $170 private transfer one way. (More than our group deal)

2- Weather prevents you from getting to your flight and you take another one.

3- You sprain your ankle (my husband did over Christmas on a trip), and you need to fly next day. Despite the note from the doctor in England, It costs a bunch of $$$

4-You get sick and cancel the whole trip, that was me last year and I lost $950 on my plane ticket plus my pal had to pay a single supplement.

The cost of insurance always feel irrelevant until you lose. Think about it. With Travel Guard you can buy insurance almost up to the departure time. Ask us for a quote. Email me