Remarkably few travel agents actually sell women’s tours. Why?

Most women’s tour groups do not even sell through agents, as they are small sole proprietorships.

Most women’s tours do not pay commission: SITA our partner does!

Most do not have the professional licensing required by agents.

Reaching clients who want women’s tours is  different marketing than traditionally done by travel agents.

Room share guarantees  for solo women on women’s tours are not an understood service. (The Women’s Travel Group offers this deal on India, Morocco and beginning in 2014 on most trips)

So here are tips for travel agents who wish to enter this untapped market:

Have an in office women’s evening.
Join up with a women’s group: professional groups are always looking for speakers and functions.
Ask The Women’s Travel Group to help you market their product using helpful hints’ social media and supplying a speaker for your evening.
Write a blog like this one, that  speaks to women’s needs and insecurities, or ask us to supply you with copy that addresses professional women.

Solo women who call your office might be interested in a women’s tour and might not yet know about them.

Remember, if women do not call you for travel needs, you will need to reach 20130815-184943.jpg them.


There is gold in them thar hills, go get it.