We love lists, and here is one for those of you embarking this week on our two tours: Italy and France.

Five absolute NO’s.

Do NOT get on the plane before you put your passport back into itsĀ  safe place.

Do NOT leave possessions unlocked, either in overhead bins, or on your person. Remember you might fall asleep with your money belt or purse exposed. Bring extra TSA locks; they are easy to lose.

Do NOT create a seat cushion out of a dark sweater or dark coat. You will probably not see these after a tiring flight, and will leave them on the plane. Same with any documents slotted into the seat pocket in front of you.

Do NOT take your shoes off! Feet swell on flights and you might not be able to get them back on. Besides airplane floors are disgusting.

Final tip: do NOT let an adjacent passenger take over your space or harass you. Women are too polite when it comes to countering. If you need help in ‘managing’ your seat mate, ask flight attendants away from the person. They sometimes help, sometimes cannot. Now you need to decide if this is important to involve the Captain. Tough call.

Tips from The Women’s Travel Group. Join us to Ireland this Summer, short flight, great trip.