In fact be aware of anyone you meet while traveling.

I just attended a women’s networking lunch and heard this story. A woman at the lunch recently traveled to Manila alone. She met up with 3 friendly older women, who invited her to join them to a street market. All sounds like fun, huh? Well at lunch they drugged her food, stole her ATM card with pin. Fortunately they took her back to her hotel where she was out for 14 hours. That she is alive is a miracle.

Some things to prevent this horrid event from your travel life. Read this especially if you are the trusting type to go with strangers.

Do not go with strangers unless they agree to leave their national identity card at your hotel’s Front Desk or locked in your hotel safe. If they refuse, this can be a warning sign.

Carry an ATM card that you have already cancelled. Most thieves will grab the card, threaten you for the PIN. They hopefully will be confused when the ATM eats the card, and might run at that stage.

Do not eat with strangers; ask only for a drink that you can open yourself.

Suggest they meet in your hotel first and sit near the CCTV, then ask them to call your cell phone number. Give that number to the Front Desk in front of them.

Take their picture and email it to a friend or family member and arrange for the meeting to be the next day. 

If all this sounds suspicious and cruel, you did not hear a well traveled woman recount her tale of horror today. It can happen.  Because your new friend is an older woman, that does not mean she is honest. 

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