• How To Love Crowded Airports

    How To Love Crowded Airports

    Joining one of our Summer trips? Read these tips.

    Ixtapan Summer Spa Group

    The Women’s Travel Group shares airport tips for women traveling.

    Dress with pull up no zipper clothes for easy bathroom use

    Avoid under wire bras.

    Keep tied shoes loose so you can slip on and off without leaning over.

    Don’t trust women in bathroom lines. A stall might not be in use and no one bothers to check. A toilet might need flushing, so do it.

    If seats are blocked, ask if you can sit until the friend arrives.…

  • How To Order Food When You Cannot Read the Menu

    How To Order Food When You Cannot Read the Menu

    Enjoying lunch together

    Here are suggestions from The Women’s Travel Group. Let’s use Norway, Denmark and Sweden as examples.  (Of course on our Norway trip in August, you have our expert escort anyway.)

    What are your favorite foods? Fresh fish, sweets, red meat? Google translation is your new best friend. Cinnamon (as in pastry) is translated by google as kanel all over Scandinavia.

    Put the google translation app on your phone. Most restaurants where we eat as a group have wifi.…

  • Easy Peasy Hotel Tips if You Hate Packing-Unpacking

    Easy Peasy Hotel Tips if You Hate Packing-Unpacking

    Please share this with friends who are afraid of non cruise travel!

    The Women’s Travel Group likes land tours for in-depth sightseeing, local food, sights and serendipitous festivals or weddings.

    Get Away from Cruise Crowds with us to Norway in August, Croatia in September, and many more on https://www.thewomenstravelgroup.com/tours/.

    These will make your next tour so easy:

    Make the room easier to navigate : put in drawers all brochures, tissues, amenities etc so all surfaces are empty.

    In your suitcase divide similar items into travel packs.…

  • This one should be Your First Overseas Trip

    To take one of the last spots Norway-Denmark-Sweden: here it our trip: CLICK HERE

    To start dreaming: PHYLLISNYCITY@GMAIL.COM

    Norwegian scenery is known as the most beautiful in the world: fjords, waterfalls and the midnight sun. We visit the most gorgeous places in the comfort of our private bus, the famous Flam railway all with our hand picked escort.

    History and culture: Viking ships, kings and palaces, country estates, Nobel Prizes and Summer festivals. No rushing hotel to hotel during our trip

    Norway Denmark and Sweden are the new gourmet capitals of Europe: fresh fish and lean meats cooked perfectly with flavors deepened by the climate.…

  • Do Airline Staff Treat Women Worse than Men?

    1. TO COMPLAIN 1.express dissatisfaction or annoyance about something.”local authorities complained that they lacked sufficient resources”synonyms:protest, grumble, moan, whine, bleat, carp, cavil, lodge a complaint, make a complaint, make a fuss.

    The Women’s Travel Group says: OFTEN YES  We assume the first priority of airline staff is safety, the second efficiency, the third service. Experience is onboard staff  less attentive to women than to men. Here are some examples of  the ME TOO movement in plane travel what to do about it.…

  • Test Yourself, Ladies: Are You Ready or Your First Solo Trip?

    Test Yourself, Ladies: Are You Ready or Your First Solo Trip?

    Here is a checklist to answer privately and honestly. The Women’s Travel Group has many first timers!

    Are you ready for the physical part of travel: moving luggage/tolerating plane rides/getting through airport crowds?

    If you live in a rural setting expect street noise and prepare for it with earplugs. Claustrophobic? Get help before you travel. Bad back/legs? Make sure your luggage is light and that you can move it both sideways and dragging.

    Do you have special needs? Diet? Fears? Shyness?


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