• Horror: The Airplane Bathroom

    No one likes to talk about how horrible airplane bathrooms can be. They are small and according to Bloomberg, they are getting smaller.  They are airless. They are dirty after a long flight.  Soap, toilet paper and even water can be gone.  Some are so small that disabled women or larger

    women cannot use them. On some American flights, says Bloomberg, the bathroom is only 22.1 inches across at the passenger’s chest level when seated. 

    So what is the best way to deal with this nasty necessity.…

  • Gifts to buy for yourself

    Gifts to buy for yourself

    Longchamps carry on bag in a dark but ‘cool’ color. If you buy in a duty free shop, you pay a bit less $145 vs $120?. Choose the  style that has handles long enough to put over your shoulder. That style in its smallest incarnation cannot be locked ( a good idea if you sleep on the plane and don’t know your seat mate). Best prices are going to be when currencies are low compared to the US: Mexico City for our Mexico trips, any Euro denominated country like France or Italy for our trips there.…

  • What I learned when caught in a dangerous riot

    Yes I was in a dangerous riot along with a member of our group. Here is what happened and what we learned.  We decided to follow pedestrians all walking in one direction. Perhaps there was market? festival? parade? We ended up facing a large square, empty except for a line of men and women. Was this a parade?  We quickly noticed another line moving forward; it was one of armed police. It took a moment to realize there was going to be a confrontation.


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