• New TSA Regulations for Women Travelers

    New TSA Regulations and Old Ones You Forgot

    TSA is always refining their rules; adding new ones, or changing old ones. Recently TSA stopped allowing powder in carry on luggage. Any passenger on an international flight bound for the US who is carrying 12 ounces or more of powder cosmetics or talcum powder, dried spices, or protein mix must now place it in checked luggage,  If you do carry more than 12 oz. TSA will likely toss your powder, delay your movements and search you more thoroughly.

  • LOW and NO Tech Travel Hints- for Women Travelers

    Each time I see an article about travel technology, my brain melts. Most of us, of a certain age, are just not interested in technology. Yes, we want a smart phone that works, wifi information and maybe a GPS. Beyond that we just want a written document with all the details of our trip.

    If you do not know how to operate your phone, stop  right here and go to the Apple Store or wherever you bought it and learn basics.


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