• Videos of real people on The Women’s Travel Group on many trips

    We are pleased to show you photos of a few of our trips. Many more trips are listed on http://www.thewomenstravelgroup.com. The reason we are sharing these photos is to show women out there that we are regular,all ages, all backgrounds. We are also all casual.

    Some things you cannot tell from the photos are:

    We come from all over the US and Canada.

    Some women here had never traveled overseas before.

    Most knew no one on the trip!

    Everyone was nervous at first and everyone relaxed and came back for another trip.

  • Irish Food that is Worth Crossing the Atlantic!

    The Best Irish Foods To Eat during Our Trip July 14-24 2018  and  To Bring Home

    Please share with your Irish friends. You don’t have to be Irish to be Irish.

    Ireland is a gourmet paradise and has been for many years. The country is famous for the freshest food cooked simply and perfectly. Ireland is surrounded by gorgeous coast line and, of course, amazing fish and shell fish. Its emerald green fields produce gorgeous food. Ironically during the 19c Great Famine, Irish people did not fish but lived off the land! 

  • Avoid Travel Panic with www.womenstravelgroup.com Travel List

    Getting ready for a solo trip includes being organized and being smart. Traveling in a group  like The Women’s Travel Group  is easier as you have others to help if you need it. Traveling alone is more edgy since you must be self sufficient. It will be more comfortable if you are going to an English speaking area like Ireland. 

    When you travel alone, you are your own defense, your only money holder, and your only companion. This means that if you leave anything behind because you are tired or nervous, you have no back up.

  • 5 Easy Destinations for New International Travelers

    Five Easiest Destination Areas for the New Woman Traveler

    Please share this email with friends afraid to travel.

    Some destinations are culturally hard, difficult to get to, involve a lot of jet lag or are challenging geographically. Others sound scary or are in too many headlines.

    Here are our five recommended trips for new international travelers.

    English speaking areas like England and Ireland are easier for new travelers. Besides being able to ask questions,read road signs, and museum signage,  women in English speaking areas are less lonely.


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