• What is this funny place: Ixtapan Spa we all love

    What is this funny place: Ixtapan Spa we all love

    So what is this funny named place The Women’s Travel Groupgoes to? Ixtapan Spa is a famous budget fitness/spa/yoga resort in colonial Mexico ( pick up inMexico City’s modern airport).

    What do you do at a spa/fitness resort?

    Do it all or do none! 7AM brisk walk in  cool mountain air. 8AM healthy buffet breakfast or join a yoga class in the zen gazebo. 10AM, a full 50 minutes of aerobics in the heated pool.11AM pilates for all levels, noon: salsa in the pool.…

  • 5 Awkward Questions to Ask Your Guide


    In the back of many women’s minds are  questions we are afraid to ask a guide. Often we worried women stay home for fear of ‘ embarrassing situations’.  So what are our major embarrassing hang ups?

    Bathroom needs: Many women  have urgent bathroom needs. Some of this is medical; some  because we are worried about not having a bathroom at hand. I know personally, that as soon as I go to the theater in New York, I  begin to think about the bathroom line and if there is time to get to the front!…

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