• Traveling Abroad in the Trump Era

    Traveling Abroad in the Trump Era


    Whatever your politics, you might worry about the image of Americans with Trump as President. During the 60’s the Dollar was king, the elite traveled; Americans were new rich tourists aka The Ugly Americans. During the 70’s we stayed in hostels  flyew on charter flights. If it was Tuesday it was Belgium. In the 80’s we flooded Europe and SE Asia many with first passports. In the 90’s overseas travel started in college with junior years abroad. 2000’s tourists went to new countries in Eastern Europe, did volunteer tourism and adult study programs.…

  • Why Mexico?

    Why Mexico?

    Why are we the only women’s travel group with cultural and spa tours to Mexico? A simple answer is most Norte Americanas see Mexico as a cruise and beach destination. Most Americans ignore the ancient history, amazing archaeological sites, Indian festivals,  modern art and gourmet food found so close.

    Mexico City  was named one of the Top Destinations Globally last year by a long list of newspapers and travel magazines.

    Why go now with The Women’s Travel Group?

    The peso is halved from 10-19 for a dollar, yikes…..…


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