Our group is going to Iran on Nov 4. Follow us on Facebook, if we can post with pictures and stories. You might be surprised to learn that wifi is readily available in our hotels. In fact, you might be surprised to find wifi in remote places even Southern Ethiopia! We travel from Tehran to major sites by air and private bus. We all have information on customs/dress/food/history/money etc.  We all have each others’ names and flight information and know where to meet for our welcome dinner in our first hotel.

Here are some ways to feel comfortable about traveling in our group:

You will also have those lists of flights and names.

You will be picked up by our representatives at the airport.

You will have a 24/7  telephone contact in country and here in the US.

You will know what to bring,wear,carry on and read.

You will have an itinerary with full details and hotel contact numbers.

You will never feel at loose ends or like a solo traveler!

Join one of our unusual trips next year: Mexico City, Berlin, Puebla and Cuernavaca, Ethiopia, S. Africa, Namibia, Russia, Iran 2017? Your new home will be our group. Not ready to travel, meet up on our NYCity trip in October or come cooking in Tuscany in April.

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