• Women’s vs Men’s Travel

    Women’s vs Men’s Travel


    Group in Utah,

    Yes The Women’s Travel Group Bucket List is gender specific.I write this as a wife with two sons who were born overseas and traveled with me a bunch. Women are different.

    Women thrill at exotic and unusual, but we must have a comfortable hotels and decent bathrooms during the tour.

    We will experiment with food. But we must have  a hearty breakfast, more vegetables, at least one recognizable main dish and dessert!

    We like to learn. However walking tours cannot be too long; museum visits must end at absolute maximum 90 minutes.…

  • 7 Travel Tips that Will Save Women Money

    7 Travel Tips That Will Save You Money

    Above is the link to our newest article in The Three Tomatoes where Phyllis Stoller is the Travel Guru and one of the Travel Correspondents. Enjoy and don’t be afraid to save money and be stingy!

    More travels and tours are on www.thewomenstravelgroup.com or call Phyllis at 646 309 5607 for a chat or advice. Our blog can be shared with your friends and please do share it with local travel writers.…

  • Why Mexico and Why Never a Cruise to Mexico?

    We are the only women’s group with Tours to Mexico.  We never cruise there….Why?

    There are at least 10 reasons:

    Cruise ports are Disney’d ways to enter Mexico.  Built for 1,000’s of tourists, loaded on buses, they erase the beauty seeing a pyramidor glimpsing a green parrot in the jungle.

    Mexico means value; the US Dollar is 35% higher and $20 will get you an amazing gift.

    Fine dining is reasonable and memorable. The number of special restaurants in culinary capitals like Puebla is staggering.…

  • Why You Need to Call Your Tour Operator

    Why You Need to Call Your Tour Operator


    Please share with friends who have special needs they are reluctant to talk about.
    Why should you also call your tour operator? Sometimes speaking with us at The Women’s Travel Group, brings up other questions you forgot or were nervous to ask.



    Example: A woman was hesitant. When we spoke with her, she told us she was on the heavy side and worried that she might not fit in.

    Some questions are easier to answer verbally. Example: A woman asked if she, as an older lady, could do our trips?…

  • How to Travel with "Bad Knees"

    How to Travel with "Bad Knees"

    Every week, we at The Women’s Travel Group hear this: ‘I have some knee problems ‘….knees being a metaphor for limitations.  We all have limitations, as our mechanics deteriorate, we just jog too much or we are nervous travelers going solo for the first time.

    A few ideas to measure if you can travel with our group:

    Do you walk every day for normal errands?

    Can you put aside your nerves, lose sleep but learn to travel again in a group?…


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