• Volunteer Trips: Help or Hurt?

    Volunteer Trips: Help or Hurt?

    indiadinnerlastnightHere we are on our award winning India trip, this year Dec 4-16.

    A new book, ‘The Promises and Pitfalls of Global Health Volunteering’ by Dr. Judith Lasker is a good read for women travelers. Dr. Lasker’s book is informative yet disturbing.

    Dr. Lasker examines dozens of small volunteer travel organizations and finds that some cause unintended disturbance, some are choppy with poor continuity, and some are not followed through. Some sap local confidence in doing the same job but differently, and many do not analyze long term results. …

  • Do Newspapers Think we are all Millionaires?

    Comment from The Women’s Travel Group Articles about travel gear inevitably list ultra luxury items. The NYTimes just wrote about Beauty Picks for Summer Travel:
    Simple Micellar Makeup Removers: $799
    Charcoal Eye Mask $23
    Clay Volumizing Brow and Hair Powder $25
    Dior Addict Lip Glow $33
    Chanel Parfum Spray $98
    Sephora Vacation Lipstick $42

    Here are The Women’s Travel Group’s  Best Picks for Summer Travel:

    Ziplock Bags 25c and bring lots of them

    Trader Joe’s Moisturizer with SPF15  $3.99

    Shampoo from any hotel $0  You can repair hair in 2 shampoos when you get home

    Vaseline $2

    Small duct tape $4

    Ricki’s Beauty Supply root crayon and other cover ups $7-15


  • US Airlines Block Discounters

    Norwegian Airlines,one of the largest in Europe, is being blocked from new routes US-Europe by lobbying from our BIG Airlines. We recently wrote about Airline Safety. Apparently Norwegian meets the standards listed in that article.

    So guys, if you want us consumers to book higher airfares rather than fly on Norwegian, then give us a bone:

    Better ff benefits that you just snatched from us.

    A nibble? A peanut? A chip or two?

    Don’t charge for a tissue.

    Add some decency to your approach.…

  • Middle Seat War

    Airlines are already charging for preferred seats. Some only give good seats to those with status.  When you initially look at a flight’s seating chart,  you cannot tell which seats are actually available until you log in or book.

    Many women end up with that hated middle seat; make the best of it. Do not be shy about doing the following:

    Request to share the armrest and keep requesting each time your seat mate takes it.

    Ask for a lower Ipod volume.…

  • How to Go to Battle with Airplane Problems

    I just saw a video of a crowd going nuts at LaGuardia when their American Airlines flight was delayed/cancelled. It is not clear what happened. So what do you do?

    Don’t get crazy. Get smart.

    1- Start taking notes with names/times. Take photographs of the departure screen (with a date/time set on your phone/camera).  Example: the screen says delayed but the representative says cancelled. You will need to show in facts to complain.

    2- Talk smart. Yelling is not the way.…

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