• Is Your Airline Safe?

    Several weeks ago, I took connecting flights. On the first intra-Europe, the door to the pilot’s cockpit was open. At the second check in, I was grilled about why I was traveling,who I worked for,how long, what was the job description and more. So which airline was safer?

    Stats are that they both were!

    Here are a few items to investigate:

    Charters?  NO Most insurance companies will not cover you on either a charter or private plane.

    Code Shares: YES Code sharing airlines with US carriers are vetted by the FAA and the US carrier can be liable for its partners’ standards and safety.…

  • Why Solos feel less Solo with River Cruises

    If you are traveling solo, and want to experiment with a cruise. We recommend a river cruise.

    Based on reality not fancy brochures, here are reasons:

    River cruises dock in towns not sea ports thus enabling independent walking/shopping/snacking. Ports are often in swarmy neighborhoods and getting into town will require round trip taxis. Compare downtown Budapest on a river cruise vs. the port of Marseilles on a Mediterranean cruise?

    River cruises offer walking/biking tours directly off the ship. This means immediate interaction with other passengers.…

  • Safe, Sane and Smart Travel

    Safe, Sane and Smart Travel

    IMG_2165Here are a few of us in India we are booking this trip now.



    My wonderful friend,died of breast cancer years ago.  I still miss her and her travel lust.  Why  mention this? Because more of my friends have died of breast cancer than of terrorism. The stats are something like 50 to cancer/ 0 to terrorism.

    Why do we freak at the current Belgian headlines? Unexpected events have a greater impact on us than do everyday losses. Next time you are worried, think of how many friends you have lost to illness, drug addiction and suicide.…

  • Lessons for Exotic Travel

    Lessons for Exotic Travel

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    The Women’s Travel Group  tour of 17 just returned from Ethiopia,an exotic trip we organize. We traveled from well developed Addis Ababa to remote  Arba Minch. Here are some of the instructions which made our trip so successful.

    Check altitude of the destination, so you are prepared/and or take it easy the first days. Addis is 8,000 ft.

    Do not depend on weather history. Global changes are effecting travel. Normally cool Ethiopia was hotter due to El Nino this year.…


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