• Worst Mistakes When Delayed by Weather

    Delays due to weather/strikes happen.  This list is what you should NOT do:

    Panic, it will not help you to make sharp decisions.

    Call your travel agent unless she/he booked the actual flight.

    Pull out your credit card immediately.

    Stand in a long frenzied line with screaming people.

    Pack in luggage your phone charger; always keep it in carry on.

    Here is what you SHOULD do:

    Scan trip documents for the 24/7 emergency numbers of your trip. Always keep the 24/7 numbers for your flights/cruise/tour on hand.…

  • Female Neurosis– Insomnia in Travel

    Female Neurosis– Insomnia in Travel



    More than men, women have sleep problems when we travel.  Jet lag and being away from home–possibly for the first time alone –can complicate the issue.

    If you can, fly so you arrive early evening. Do not exercise heavily before bed; but a nice walk will help. On some trips like our Colors of India, there are choices of flight arrivals.

    Start moving into the new time zone before you leave. Get up early or stay up late whichever applies.…

  • Travel Chores You Should Never Delay

    January is a time to procrastinate. After finishing the year. we slow down for winter and hide under the covers.

    Here are a travel chores to do immediately:

    Book solo specials. We get many single cabins at the double rate.They disappear.  On our solo special cruises, we sell out the best deals first. July 2016  we are offering Gems of SE Europe from AMA Waterways, our favorite river cruiser.  For new travelers AMA is a  welcoming way to see the world.…


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