• Mexico City on the Map with a low Peso

    Mexico City on the Map with a low Peso

    Fun Frida Kahlo Bags

    Now is Mexico our new safe haven? Mexico has always been safer than news media wants to paint it. As writers confide quietly, they don’t get headlines by writing positives.  They get headlines with fright and fear. Count the number of times scary words appear on google then count pleasant words, the scary ones have many more millions of mentions.

    We will shortly be going to Mexico City, a global capital that spans pre Colombian times to 21 century art and architecture.…

  • How to assess danger in travel

    How to assess danger in travel


    Our group of 19 women returned from Istanbul 3 days ago- see photo at left. The Women’s Travel Group looks at the US, UK and Canadian State Department notices for ongoing news. There had been an incident in Ankara; 1 or 2 women called nervously. What has now happened in Paris is sad and ironic for those who worried about Turkey! We found Istanbul not only safe but so welcoming to us as women and Americans.

    After problems, security is tightest combined with the local population being on alert.…

  • The 5 Items You Might Forget from Women's Travel Group

    Here are the five items we risk forgetting. I just packed for The Women’s Travel Group Istanbul trip, so these important things are fresh in my mind!

    Photo of everything important that I removed from my wallet. Always clear out your wallet with cards you will not need. Photograph others like AAA which you might need in a pinch?

    An electric plug for the outlets in an airport where yo have a long layover. Say you have 4 hours in Britain and want to recharge your phone, you will need to pack a UK 3 prong square adapter.…

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