• Christmas in Paris– Words for "Sale" from The Women's Travel Group

    We are generally not a shopping group but sales/soldes can turn even the most reluctant heads.  As we will be in Paris over Christmas and post Christmas, those coming will enjoy the sales. European stores are different from ours: they only have sales twice a year.  So when you see these words in French, go for it. Here is the link again for the trip, or ask us to mail you the information:

    Soldes (Sales)

    Prix Reduit (Price reduced)

    Reduction (Reduced)

    Super Soldes and Soldes Massifs (Hugh sales)

    Destockage (Getting rid of all merchandise)

    If you wish to save more money, ask about discount cards for tourists; first ask your hotel, then find the Welcome Desk at the larger department stores.…

  • Last Chance: $200 Savings on India Nov. '15

    Last Chance: $200 Savings on India Nov. '15











    $200 in India is a huge savings if you combo it with a guaranteed room share on the perfect trip. We found that women want a higher level of accommodation than some other tours offer and fine tuning on a daily basis. Why?

    We are not kids anymore and understand that comfort at night is key to enjoyment during the day.
    —Yes, we want top notch bathrooms.
    —We need large rooms for our stuff and eye sight, and —Why not have a comfy reading chair and extra lighting?…

  • Traveling if You Have Been Ill

    Everyone at this stage has some ailment or body piece that needs fixing. If you love to travel, don’t let your aches and pains take over; the more you baby yourself, the less active you will become. Tips from The Women’s Travel Group for choosing a trip when you ache and for overcoming it all.

    Choose as trip from our list of trips on our site ( here is the link: www.thewomenstravelgroup.com) that has fluidity: a transfer to the hotel to the tours to the dinners.…

  • Your Worst Travel Companion

    How will you know if a friend will make a good travel companion? For short periods of time we are all on our good behavior.  For a week or two, who knows?

    Five red flags to look for:

    Always sees the empty glass.

    Is opinionated on things they know little about.

    Is inflexible.

    Uses the word ‘I’ all the time.

    Is a great fashionista.

    Going in a group with other women, helps dilute your friend out, but why do we even have these five

    red flags?…

  • Airlines Ready to Bash Us Again

    Airlines Ready to Bash Us Again







    In the last years airline fuel dropped 24% and fuel surcharges have not dropped 1%. So what is going on here?

    Airlines are profiting from keeping surcharges which were as high as $600 round trip NY-London. Airlines now call these ‘international fees’ but they are the same old fuel surcharges. Airlines are  still nickel and dime-ing us on checked baggage, food, lounge access; they are practically weighing us.

    I have flown American on  Business Class to Mexico City from NY many times.…

  • Airlines and Reduced Carry-On Rules

    Airlines and Reduced Carry-On Rules






    Global airlines are moving towards reducing the size of allowed carry- on. That means your 22 inch bag will no longer be in the overhead rack. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) recommends a smaller bag of 21.5 x 13.5 x 7.5 inches. Not all airlines will concur with the new standard, but here are 5 things you should never pack:

    Money, jewelry (even good junk jewelry), electronics, medicine and your printed trip information. Especially if you are traveling solo.…

  • Surprising choices at Canyon Ranch Mass.

    It is sometimes difficult to describe profound personal experiences. Canyon Ranch, the gold star of ultra luxury, has places left for our discount weekend, beginning July 23. This is a the treat we all deserve, but how does one describe it?

    Here are some of the unusual topics discussed at Canyon Ranch:

    Working with your genes:know your heredity assets.

    30 days to a better brain.

    Synching your new Canyon Ranch routine to a Fitbit.

    Reducing sugar craving by eating differently.…

  • 'Scary' Travel & Fun: India Nov 11-22 2015

    'Scary' Travel & Fun: India Nov 11-22 2015











    Some  destinations generate fear along with a pow of thrill.  India seems to be scary, but tempting. Travel articles and photographs are spectacular; news headlines  troubling.  What are the 5 must have’s to make a trip to India not just fascinating, but also a thoughtful and doable vacation? And one where you are coming solo?

    1. A reliable person must meet you at the airport no matter when you arrive, how late your ETA or if you have a cancelled/replacement flight.…

  • 5 Humiliating Excuses from Non-Traveling Friends

    5 Humiliating Excuses from Non-Traveling Friends

    India Holy Man 2




    Join our next trip to India, a country that will surprise you. Luxury hotels, amazing sites, and Parveen our wonderful guide will take sublime care of you. Booking NOW


    Who isn’t sick and tired of excuses from friends who claim they want to travel but don’t.  Who isn’t humiliated asking over and over, and getting the same rejection. It is embarrassing and hurtful to be rebuffed by friends. So to make you all feel better, here is what my own friends use as excuses- and why I like to travel in groups of women:

    “I only go Business Class and only with  X and X company”.…

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