• Age and Travel: Who is Too Old?

    Age and Travel: Who is Too Old?



    Gentle Yoga in India October 2014. Some watched and some stretched.


    We were asked this week does The Women’s Travel Group have an age limit on the upper end. As you know, we have women from 30-???. What are the health standards to not just come but come and have fun?

    ++ Did you ask The Women’s Travel Group about distances of walking, driving etc on the itinerary you like?

    ++ Are you mobile in your daily life? Can you handle steps without a bannister?…

  • Snowed in

    Well not exactly, but we thought we would be while listening to the news.If you were a solo traveler yesterday, you would have been nervous and thinking about cancelling your wonderful trip,right?

    What do you do when you are abruptly cancelled from a trip departure? First have a list of all your reservations from the taxi, to pre-tour rooms, aiport lounges through the trip. Then speak with your tour operator and make sure they know you have an issue and ask for their imput.…

  • When is a threat real? Or a real headline?

    Rosemarie T., a close friend, shared this fact  yesterday. Rosemarie  just came back from her annual scientific trip to S. Africa and Namibia.  As a curiosity, she measured the distance between Johannesburg and the closest ebola area (a tip of Nigeria where ebola is already eradicated). The distance is the same as that from Jo’burg to Central Canada and or Denver.

    Why repeat her calculation? To show again that perceived threats from news media do not always have ‘meat’.

    The best proof is the revolving door of headlines about danger. …

  • Five Ways WTGroup Women Helped Eachother

    Five Ways WTGroup Women Helped Eachother







    A Hidden Benefit: How Women Help Each Other in Group Travels with The Women’s Travel Group.

    We thought you would enjoy hearing these five anecdotes:

    India:   When several of us had delayed baggage, others in the group immediately offered: socks, medicine, pj’s, even shoes! We lacked for nothing without even asking. Women are great that way, caretakers even on the road.

    Ixtapan:   One woman needed cash to pay for shopping (the resort is inclusive so no need for extra money there).…

  • Last minute Feb trips: S Africa and More

    Last minute Feb trips: S Africa and More

    vicfallsHate the sleet and snow and ready for an adventure this February? How about a super last minute trip to South Africa and neighboring Botswana! The Women’s Travel Group can offer you a huge discount by taking our last shared room on South Africa and Botswana. Yes you will need to rush, but some adventures are worth hustling for.

    Here are the details attached.  We can secure your air, and rates have only gone up a bit. We will overnight your documents and help with rush visas.…

  • Changing Money Overseas

    The Euro is at a low (that is since it was created). But when you as a tourist try to change money it is not 1.15 but 1.40! What are the best ways to change money if you go to France with us end March?

    The more you change the better the rate as a service charge amortizes better. Most of us do not carry enough cash to make a difference this way.

    Change Bureaux in town are generally better than banks or airport venues.…

  • Tours: A Pace or Race, judging your travel pace

    Will you feel rushed or will you feel bored on your next trip? How often can you stay behind for a day off? What happens if you cannot do all of the walking? When you join a group tour, you are also agreeing to a pace which might not be of your choosing.

    Here are a few ways to figure out if the trip is too fast or too leisurely for you. First of all ask the operator: we at The Women’s Travel Group want you to know all details up front and we encourage questions.…

  • Global Entry: Jump the Queue

    Global Entry: Jump the Queue






    Resting for a minute in a Roman theater in Taormina, Sicily.


    There were huge crowds at a local airport which propelled me finally to get Global Entry, the $100 a year queue jump security system for airports here. If you think you might be traveling this year and have that spare $100, go for it. Global Entry allows you to stroll up to a computer terminal, apply your information ( finger prints or whatever) and walk through immigration.…

  • Dont let the tail wag your ff dog

    Women tell us they want to use their ff miles before they decide on a trip. Here are a few ways to use miles without making yourself crazy. Don’t let you ff miles dictate where you go.

    Try using them for upgrades, that is obvious

    Try using them for only part of your trip. If going to Europe, try for a European gateway with a big airport, then buy your internal European ticket separately. You save a bit of $$ that way and at least get the trans-Atlantic part paid by your miles.…

  • Why Women Travelers get More Tired than Men

    Why Women Travelers get More Tired than Men

    IMG_1992So you think you are the only one in your tour group who is tired? No way, if you travel with women, and you are honest, you will find that most women do not sleep well for the first few days of a trip. And you will discover, that even sleep deprived, we inspect every spa, shop and corner of our hotels.

    Why are women more tired?  Firstly, women suffer from insomnia 2-3 times more than men. When it relates to hotels and jet lag, we stress more and worry about fitting in and/or being able to keep up.…

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