• Losing your Luggage

    Losing your Luggage











    Yes it finally happened to me and to two other women on our India trip when British Airways had a computer meltdown. The lost luggage stages go like this and with a happy ending:

    +++++Adrenolin rush to get the lost luggage claim and papers filled out correctly while navigating 250 others in the same situation. Don’t forget to take a photo or your luggage tag and any paperwork with your phone.

    +++++Exhaustion follow up: once out of the airport with nothing to your name but a carry on ( this was the one time I did not bring a change of clothes in carry on!!!).…

  • The 3-1-1 Rule for Liquids you don't drink on planes

    The 3-1-1 Rule for Liquids you don't drink on planes
















    The photo above is The Ganges at Sunrise, on our India trip October 2014, don’t drink this water…

    From our Travel Insurer:

    With the rules of airport travel changing frequently, it can sometimes get tricky knowing what is and isn’t allowed in your bags. The United States Transportation Security AdministrationTSA) implements air-travel regulations tofollow. To ensure safety, the TSA has placed strict rules on the volume and type of liquids allowed on an airplane.…

  • Age versus Travel?

    Age versus Travel?



    There is one word for this correlation: irrelevant.

    Just back from our India trip with 22 women, all ages.  So who did the best? Not the youngest and not the oldest, but the ones with adequate fitness, a sense of adventure and  the right pace. Don’t let your friends say you are too old to enjoy travel!

    A few mini rules:

    Don’t overload your carry on weight or risk back pain.

    Find the perfect walking shoes and wear them no matter how ugly.…


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