• Packing and Weather

    A good way to zero in on what to pack is to make some notes on what you are wearing on different weather days. For instance, for our exciting trip to Sicily in December when the weather will be mild and 60ish, it might be easy to overestimate what you need to wear. You will then find yourself carrying a coat or mashing it into your luggage. Worst as most of you are traveling solo, you will be overburdened with extra weight you have to carry  on/off planes.…

  • New Unfair Airline Situations

    I was on an AA flight coming home from our Tuscan Cooking Trip– coach of course- and the meal choices were red sauce spaghetti or chicken with red sauce spaghetti. Well I am not allowed to eat tomato sauce, so was totally out of luck for a 7 hour flight. (Forgot to say, the snack was pizza with tomato sauce.) As I was traveling solo, had no one to complain to.

    Now another scenario. For the next flight I took ( personal business), I was upgraded and received the happy news on my iphone, 24 hours prior to the flight.…

  • Reading Lists for Travel: Should you Bother?

    Not everyone wants to study again and many of us consider travel a non-homework activity. I personally do believe in doing some reading before a trip. There are two kinds of books for travel: travel fiction and guidebooks. The former is just as informative in the way it opens your eyes to subtleties. An example might be what a headdress might mean?  Travel fiction written by women often covers myths or religious beliefs which are hard for us to understand. Here is our movie and reading list for India:

    The Women’s Travel Group

    Colors of India and the Pushkar Fair

    Films and books you may find of interest

    Water   is set in the 1930s and is about a widow’s ashram — directed by Deepa Mehta

    Gandhi the epic story of Ghandi’s life by David Attenborough

    Earth  the second in Deepa Mehta’s trilogy (Fire, Earth, Water) covering the time of partition when Punjab was ripped apart to form Pakistan

    The Jewel in the Crown Masterpiece Theater’s epic TV series adapted from The Raj Quartet

    Eat Pray Love Scenes of Italy, India and Bali: starring Julia Roberts

    The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Delightful British comedy-drama with Judi Dench and Maggie Smith

    A Passage to India based on the E.M.…

  • Five Essential Hotel Must Haves for Women 55+

    Women Staff Behind the Desk.

    Who wants to discuss concerns with male staff who are ‘5’ years old and look through you?

    Shower Caps.

    Most of us are not in that daily hair washing routine and want to preserve whatever color we pay fortunes for.

    Lots of extra toilet paper and not so rough please.

    No comment here

    Easy to operate alarm clocks.

    Even the PHD’s amongst us cannot set many hotel alarm clocks.  That also means they sometimes go off at 4AM because the last guest was on Tokyo time.…

  • Cash + Will: Don't be a Travel Virgin

    Cash + Will: Don't be a Travel Virgin

    India Holy Man 2  Maybe India is not for you, but it was for these women who met a Holy Man while we drove to Agra with The Women’s Travel Group. Our next trip to India is almost full.






    There are many newish articles about boomer women traveling, a trend we see but you are probably afraid of.  Look at a travel brochure and you will still see the handsome couple on the deck, hair blowing gently. Look at the reality of who is traveling and you will see us women: more windblown, more casual yet more friendly in appearance.…

  • What to do when Your seatmate is Unruly

    Today a SWAir jet had to stop in Omaha to get a crazed passenger off the plane (he tried to open the read hatch). What can you do if someone near you is difficult, odd or actually talking scary? The answer is not really much. My experience was with a man who refused to let me lower my seat back on an 8 hour flight. He was aggressive towards me and then towards the crew.

    The answer is here: first ask crew for help.…

  • India Tourism Award: Women's Trip to India

    India Tourism Award: Women's Trip to India

    The Women’s Travel Group is thrilled to tell you that our strategic partners, SITA World Tours has won the prestigious National Tourism Award for Best Incoming Tour Operator to India from The United States and Canada.

    In order to bring you country expertise, we partnered with SITA some 18 months ago for India, West and South Africa and certain areas of South America. This parAward Image - Fronttnership has created wonderful experiences for us, to be repeated in our  annual India Trip with Pushkar Camel Market extension: October 26-November 4/6 2014 .…

  • Travel Safety Warnings and What to do about Cancelling

    Q: Are Travel Advisories and State Department Warnings Covered?
    This information is from TravelInsured our travel insurance company. The question on their newsletter was: does travel insurance cover you if an area is under a State Dept warning or caution. Do note: we do not go to areas under State Dept warnings. Only once did we cancel a trip for 25 going to Egypt; they were all refunded promptly and well before we were paid.

    Answer from TravelInsured: No, these types of events are not covered under any travel insurance policy unless you purchase the Optional Cancel For Any Reason.…

  • Cooking Trips: Do's and Don'ts

    Cooking Trips: Do's and Don'ts

    The Women’s Travel Group just came back from the most marvelous cooking and sightseeing trip to Tuscany. Each day we cooked and ate what we created. Each afternoon we visited a famous Italian town: Lucca, Siena, Florence, San Gimignano plus several olive oil, chocolate and wine tasting venues.  Tuscan food uses mainly olive oil, sofrito (garlic, onion, carrots finely minced), rosemary, and tomato. Desserts have much orange and chocolate and less sugar than Americans are used to.

    The overall experience was close to perfect as our villa is a luxury, enormous one with 11 private bedrooms each with a luxury bathroom, several sitting areas, tv’s, two farmhouse dining areas and views to gasp for.  …


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