• Do not read newspapers

    Do not read newspapers

    Returned home today to The New York Times on my doorstep. Having read half of the first section, I decided not to go to Asia, Mexico, Turkey or even to leave my apartment as there was a gas explosion in Manhattan.  Then on line, I read the headline about London airport being closed due to fog; yikes.

    Why do we allow print and other media to destroy our sense of adventure?

    My belief is we are basically a skittish lot and any hint of trouble or misunderstanding is enough to keep us home. …

  • Hotel Bars and Do Not's for Women Travelers

    Hotel Bars and Do Not's for Women Travelers



    After a long day working, don’t you wish the hotel bar were less intimidating and less noisy? Tips to find the right hotel with the right amenities for women:
    Living Lobbies: these are lobbies that incorporate the bar into a larger living space. So you can sit away privately from the bar and have your glass of wine.
    Magazine and newspaper racks: these say, come relax and read without being bothered.
    Armchairs in bar areas: armchairs let you sit alone and enjoy your drink; they insinuate you wish to be left alone.…

  • 'Do Not Eats' on First Day of Trips

    'Do Not Eats' on First Day of Trips

    partybuffetIf you do not eat these food items on your first day of an overseas trip, you will feel and look better:the photo here is from our healthy Mexican Party at Ixtapan Spa in February 2014.





    1- Too many salty pretzels or other salty snack. These can include hidden salt as in dried meats,ham,salamis as on our trip to Sicily.
    2- Too much oil of any kind: hidden in roasted veggies, salads, on bread or drizzled on other dishes as hummus or on steak in our Argentina trip.…

  • Comments about Women Travelers from the "Experts"???

    Just back from speaking at The Times Travel Show where we had a chance to chat with many of you.

    We thought you might want to hear these comments. Here are some of the outrageous misconceptions about women’s travel I heard during the panel discussions.  It is 2014 folks!

    One operator said they see a large increase in women booking their luxury package tours. This was evidenced in more requests for triples and quad rooms. What woman pays for a luxury tour and then asks for a quad room?…


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