• Peter Greenberg Posts Our Tips for Travel for Women 50+

    Peter Greenberg Posts Our Tips for Travel for Women 50+

    We are delighted that travel guru, Peter Greenberg, has posted our Top Ten Tips for 50+ Women Traveling on his excellent site: www.petergreenberg.com. We collected these from several of our travelers and appreciate their input. When, or if, you need to know if a trip is good for you, we are happy to go over it in depth on the phone or by email.

    Happy and Healthy Traveling to China, Argentina, India and stay tuned for more.

    The Tips are on This Link, and listed below also.…

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    The traveler sees what she sees, the tourist sees what she has come to see.

    On our trips we balance the beauty and exotica of our destinations, with the differences in our worlds. One of the unique characteristics of travel with all women, is the exchange of opinion and experiences. Women love to share thoughts and visions and many of us stay pals after the trip is over. A conversation can range from brainy themes to what ever happened to hair rollers.…


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