This photo is from our Ethiopia trip; next trip Jan. 2016


According to the NY Times Week in Review Section, 1 in 4 American women take drugs for psychiatric problems. Does that mean a quarter of us are nuts? Will newcomers find women at The Women’s Travel Group intolerably neurotic? History with hundreds of terrific travelers says yes/no/maybe?

Most women worry about travel the night before they leave.

Most women angst about packing, travel wardrobe a way of saying: will I fit in?

Some women will call or email with greater frequency as the trip approaches with questions indicating their concerns.

Others will be skewed by scare tactics from the news or family members?

We all have some trepidation under our skin even world travelers. Read ‘Annapurna’ by Arlene Blum about the first all woman ascent of a major Himalayan peak- th 10th highest in the world. On the flight to India, the women actually discusswhether or not to eat the nuts because they are fattening?

Really gals, lets get over it. We are all a bit twisted, and that is what makes for fun and friendship. Join us to Ultra Italy this Spring and or Ireland this summer. Both countries offer a mix of high jinx and deep culture