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  • The Biggest Passport Mistakes from our Insurer: Travelinsured

    The Biggest Passport Mistakes from our Insurer: Travelinsured


    The Yucatan, Merida 2017

    The Women’s Travel Group always recommends travel insurance from our insurer: Travelinsured.com. The company  also sends us informative tips which we are sharing with you in this blog post.

    Who ever thought you could make a mistake with your passport. We know our passport photo is horrible but what else can go wrong? Here is what Travel Insured says:

    You’ve booked your next trip abroad! No matter how experienced of a traveler you are, sometimes mistakes happen.…

  • Travel Nerves and How to Get Over Them



    Our most recent post is about travel nerves and the scariest points in each new trip. Read this here or on Huffington Post where Phyllis Stoller is a travel contributor.…

  • What You do not Know about New York City

    What You do not Know about New York City


    New York has an ancient history, ancient by US standards. Each group of people has left its mark here. The Dutch filled land which we now call Alphabet City (Avenue A, B, and C). It is this low lying land that flooded in Hurricane Sandy. They also leveled the hills in Manhattan to make it easier for their horses.

    The British gave names: New York after the king’s brother, Broadway (meaning a large street), and so forth. There are many buildings left from British pre-independence times.…

  • New York City with The Women’s Travel Group

    New York City with The Women’s Travel Group

    Saks Fifth Avenue and St. Patrick’s Cathedral

    The Women’s Travel Group has organized a fantastic 4 night trip to New York City, visiting highlights and the newest new. Oct 12-16 during peak Central Park leaf season and mild early Autumn.

    Why should you come on this trip?

    Central Park during October

    Should you come if you have already been to New York?

    1—Perhaps the most important factor is the trip has been designed by Manhattan women not by a bus company.…

  • A Three Act Play for Widows and Others on a first Solo Trip

    A Three Act Play for Widows and Others on a first Solo Trip

     Please share this with your friends; you might be doing them a great favor. www.thewomenstravelgroup.com  has written a Three Act Play for a First Solo Trip for Widows and Others who lost a partner.

    Act One

    Not interested, worried about finances, unable to concentrate on one owns needs. Want to get away from friends, who look with care and underlying pity. Need a vacation from paperwork and loneliness. Need companions to travel with, who are ‘companions to travel with’ not just family or a friend doing you a favor.…

  • Five Things to Unplug in Your Hotel

    Five Things to Unplug in Your Hotel


    Christmas Trips are on our site. Here is Christmas trip 2016

    We live in a world of beeps and bings and alarms and sirens. When you are on vacation in a hotel, what you need is silence.  Getting a good night’s sleep is a big factor in enjoying your trip. Being a solo in a hotel room and interrupted by one of these noises is even more disconcerting.

    Here are some of the things you should unplug:

    1 The hotel room alarm clock!!!!…

  • Why Are Solo Women Scared to Travel?

    Why Are Solo Women Scared to Travel?


    Everyday we get calls and emails, some are to book trips and some are to say you are scared to book a trip. Some have booked trips and call to say they are still scared and nervous. Lets take apart a trip and try to experience it ahead of time to take the scared part away.

    First here is Phyllis’ first trip alone. I flew to London, made it to the apartment where I was staying. Hungry and nervous about going out for dinner alone at night time, I went a nearby restaurant.…

  • What is this funny place: Ixtapan Spa we all love

    What is this funny place: Ixtapan Spa we all love

    So what is this funny named place The Women’s Travel Groupgoes to? Ixtapan Spa is a famous budget fitness/spa/yoga resort in colonial Mexico ( pick up inMexico City’s modern airport).

    What do you do at a spa/fitness resort?

    Do it all or do none! 7AM brisk walk in  cool mountain air. 8AM healthy buffet breakfast or join a yoga class in the zen gazebo. 10AM, a full 50 minutes of aerobics in the heated pool.11AM pilates for all levels, noon: salsa in the pool.…

  • 5 Awkward Questions to Ask Your Guide


    In the back of many women’s minds are  questions we are afraid to ask a guide. Often we worried women stay home for fear of ‘ embarrassing situations’.  So what are our major embarrassing hang ups?

    Bathroom needs: Many women  have urgent bathroom needs. Some of this is medical; some  because we are worried about not having a bathroom at hand. I know personally, that as soon as I go to the theater in New York, I  begin to think about the bathroom line and if there is time to get to the front!…


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