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 Travel Insurance Mysteries: What You Never Knew!

Many Things to Many People
but for our women traveling together, here is an easy want to get a quote: CLICK HERE.

Our insurance can be used for any trip you take with any solid operator
Insurers initially send you an overview of their coverage - for details, read the full policy.  Be tenacious if need to be, but read the full policy.
•  Iffy coverage for ‘jury duty’.   Ask our insurer if they will cover you!
Re-definition of  ‘family member’
if you are remarried, have a domestic partner, or a merged family, read the definition carefully.
•  Insurance companies do not cover for loss of cash!
•  If you are ill and cannot get home, pet care might be covered. However other needs due to late arrival home are rarely included in any policy. Many HMOS, PPOs and Medicare no longer cover medical overseas. 

Medical Coverage

•  Medicare does not work overseas!  And under certain of our policies, our medical becomes primary which avoids all that nasty paperwork.
•  Pre-existing conditions can nullify a claim. And pre-existing conditions of a travel partner, who cancels, can nullify your ability to cancel and be covered. 

Calculating Costs of Travel Insurance:
Fill out the on-line application accurately.
Include  international airfare in the trip price.  Most insurers will not pay for cancellation fees on a ff ticket.
Do not pay a tour company directly.  If you do, call the insurer to make sure they received your payment. When you pay our insurer, your credit card is debited by the insurance company itself so you know you have insurance.

Insurance Sold by Airlines and Cruise lines:
Some airline policies only cover for a new ticket on the same route. That means if you were going to Aunt Tilley’s funeral in Oklahoma City, your only coverage will be for a new ticket to Oklahoma City.
   Credit card insurance is mainly a service to help, not a payment for claims.Card member benefits are not insurance benefits.
•  Some cruise line benefits are very limited for post departure claims.  Cruise line insurance will generally not cover airfare or transfers arranged yourself or bankruptcy of the cruise line itself.

Contact Phyllis for a quote for any trip you take.  OR CLICK HERE AND GET YOUR OWN QUOTE.

  IATAN membership commits us to the highest industry standards.

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